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What's the BIG Fat Secret?



Your fat contains more potent regenerative cells than any other body tissue.

Would you mind RECYCLING a little bit of your FAT TISSUE to improve other areas of your body?

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 More patients than ever

are using the regenerative power of their own fat to replenish depleted tissue in other areas of their bodies. 

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Look Better.

Prejuvenate, Maintain or Restore youthful volume and youthful skin.

Feel Better.

Reduce pain, Heal wounds and Diminish scars with your own tissue.

All ages and skin types can now choose to use their own regenerative cells to look better longer

You now have an all-natural alternative to help address chronic pain from osteo arthritis, help heal wounds, help repair connective tissue and diminish scars.

Look Better & Feel Better with

The BIG Fat Secret

Is it safe?

The regenerative power of fat isn't manufactured in any factory. The big fat secret is already within you. With the Tulip Medical technology, your fat is repurposed to benefit you.

Fat transfer procedures have been surgically performed for decades using Tulip Medical’s systems. Now you can access this powerful option in an office-based procedure.

You deserve to know all of your options.

DISCOVER Anti-Aging and Healing from WITHIN

with Nanofat & Microfat.

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