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What is Prejuvenation?

Prejuvenation is the practice of taking proactive steps to prevent or delay the signs of aging before they become prominent. It emphasizes the importance of preventative measures to slow down the aging process, rather than waiting until significant signs of aging appear. Prejuvenation encompasses a range of treatments, lifestyle choices, and skin care practices aimed at maintaining a youthful appearance.

Why You Should Consider Microfat and Nanofat as a Part of Your Prejuvenation Journey: 

1. Minimally invasive

Microfat and nanofat treatments can give you natural, long-lasting results without having to undergo general anesthesia. This 45-minute in-office treatment has become a medical provider and patient favorite.

2. Natural Solution

Microfat and Nanofat ultilize your own fat tissue. This significantly reduces the risk of allergic reactions or rejection. This aligns with the growing trend towards seeking the most natural and organic solution for patients.

3. Proven Results

With over 30 years of research, microfat and nanofat are effective treatments to provide volume, remove scars, smooth fine lines, and improve overall texture, tone, and discoloration. These studies reaffirm that the regenerative properties of our fat help to replenish the depleted tissue in treated areas of our body.

Overall, the minimally invasive nature, natural approach, and proven results are why microfat and nanofat are popular ingredients in a prejevenation cocktail.

Talk to your trusted medical provider
to see if microfat & nanofat
can be a part of your prejuvenation journey.

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